Doing justice: The new statutes changing Kenya’s dispute resolution system

Critics of Kenya’s judiciary and the justice system have for long complained about the backlog of cases and the slow turning wheels of justice. It is however worth noting that there have been significant steps towards clearing the backlog of cases in the recent years. 2016 was no exception and a few inroads were made […]

Tax reprieve: Kenya’s new Tax Amnesty Guidelines released

Since June 2016, when Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Finance announced that the Government would extend a tax amnesty on foreign income in the annual budget speech, there has been anticipation around the proposed amnesty. Anticipation for the Government to release the related Guidelines, which the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) recently did earlier this month. The […]

The new ratification requirements for natural resources transactions (The Natural Resources (Classes of Transactions Subject to Ratification) Act, 2016)

Article 71 of the Kenyan Constitution provides that a transaction is subject to ratification by Parliament if it: a) involves the grant of a right or concession by or on behalf of any person, including the national government, to another person for the exploitation of any natural resource in Kenya; b) is entered into after […]

Money and markets: financial changes brought about by the Finance Act, 2016

Co-authored by Clifford Odhiambo Capital Markets Authority The Finance Act, 2016 (the Finance Act) has amended the Capital Markets Act ((Cap. 485A) the Capital Markets Act), in a bid to facilitate the issuance of regulations to govern online foreign exchange trading and to bolster the legal framework for the country’s first commodities exchange.  The Capital […]