A “Right” to Light: A Look at the Key Provisions in Kenya’s Proposed Energy Bill, 2015

By Geoffrey Muchiri & Cindy Oraro

If passed, the Energy Bill, 2015 (the Energy Bill) will see Kenya Power (the country’s national electricity utility company) compensate consumers for financial losses and physical injuries due to power outages. The Energy Bill provides that “a licensee shall be liable to compensate a consumer due to power outages or surges…that exceed a cumulative three hours within a 24-hour period”. Furthermore, “where a consumer incurs financial loss, the licensee shall compensate the consumer by incorporating the compensation into the consumer’s bill by way of a subsidy which shall, be an equivalent amount to the loss incurred as presented by the consumer and agreed by the licensee.” This is intended to spur a faster response from Kenya Power in the event of blackouts. The Energy Bill also seeks to establish the Energy and Petroleum Tribunal as the successor of the Energy Tribunal (established by the Energy Act No. 12 of 2006).

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