Coronavirus (COVID- 19) Update 1 | Business Continuity

Further to our earlier communication dated 17th March 2020, and in further assurance of the continuity of business and attendance to clients’ matters, we have taken the following steps:

  1. Clients will be updated on the developing status of their matters which are pending in Court from time to time and as we get further communication from the Chief Justice and Heads of Stations and Divisions of the various Courts and Government Registries.
  2. Our lawyers and support staff will be available for virtual meetings through video conferencing by skype and zoom. Where preferred by the client, we will be happy to conduct meetings through teleconference
  3. We can also be reached by text messages, mobile telephony and messaging applications. (The schedule of the mobile telephone numbers of our advocates is attached here.)

Kindly note that we are available at all times to address any of the usual enquiries and particularly issues regarding the impact of the corona pandemic on continuity of business and the possible legal challenges that may emerge therefrom.