Update on Waiver of Penalties and Interest on Land Rates Payments for Properties Within Nairobi County

Further to our previous alert on the waiver of penalties and interest on accrued land rates for properties within Nairobi County, we note that the Nairobi City County has in a Public Notice indicated that the waiver period is only for a period of one (1) month i.e. from 1st October, 2021 to 31st October, 2021 (both days inclusive) as opposed to the period indicated in the Gazette Notice of two (2) months from 1st October, 2021 to 30th November, 2021 (both days inclusive).

Whereas in cases of any conflict as to the contents of a Gazette Notice and a Public Notice then the former should prevail, we nevertheless advise all concerned parties to make an informed decision in terms of taking advantage of the opportunity availed under the waiver for payment of any outstanding land rates.

In the meantime, we shall keep you updated in case of any further communication or clarification from the relevant authorities.

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This alert is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as or construed to be legal advice. If you have any queries or need clarifications with respect to this alert, please do not hesitate to contact Pamella Ager, Managing Partner (pamella@oraro.co.ke), and James Kituku, Partner (james@oraro.co.ke).