We are at the forefront of providing our clients with legal advice in a complex regulatory environment.  With wide commercial scale discoveries in oil and minerals in Kenya, the energy sector has expanded rapidly. Large-scale infrastructure projects have solidified the sector with an eye to boost domestic and foreign export. Working closely with the Infrastructure, […]

Across the world, all levels of private sector organisations and Governments are faced with rising urbanisation populations, complex financial environments and shifting demographics. Our public sector expertise has worked with Governments, international development partners and non-governmental organisations to deliver meaningful legal advice, through our deep understanding of how the public sector works. We regularly advise […]

Industrialisation remains a top priority for Kenya despite unclear regulatory framework and the planning of special economic zones (SEZ). But a growing middle-class and regional demand offer significant opportunities for new private investment in the long-term. Our lawyers understand deeply the challenges as well as the opportunities to provide legal advice in key areas such as: […]

The financial sector benefits from key fundamentals – a result due to prudent regulatory oversight which in turn has ensured the highest financial inclusion rates in a developing economy but this sector is not without its fair challenges, with stringent disclosure requirements and a demanding business environment. We understand the complexities of the sector provide […]

Increased investment and reforms in education come on the back of strong government investments in the sector, which has created opportunities for private sector players to align themselves with the changing labour requirements, especially at a tertiary level.   Our lawyers understand the pressures faced by educational and training organisations and have specialist knowledge to advise […]

A vibrant construction industry in Kenya continues to experience double-digit growth which has created market opportunities in real estate, (mixed-use and residential), energy (geothermal, wind and solar) and infrastructure (roads). Driven by private financing, this has contributed to the Country’s success story. As one of the firm’s key areas of expertise, construction is at the heart […]