Sankalp Africa Summit 2016






The 3rd Annual Sankalp Africa Summit 2016 took place from 25th-26th February at the Kenya School of Government in Lower Kabete. This year’s Summit revolved around the theme of “Spurring the Entrepreneurship Economy”. We were proud to participate in this event and were well represented in the Service Provider Speed Dating session by two of our lawyers – Juliet C. Mazera (Corporate and Commercial Lawyer) and Jeal Aduke (Associate). For more information on the event click here:


  • What’s New in the Mining World? – The Mining Bill 2014
  • Finance Act, 2015: Key changes made to the Insurance Act(IA)
  • Finance Act, 2015: Key changes made to the Banking Act(BA)
  • Further a field: Proposed changes in Kenya’s natural resource laws
  • A “right” to light: a look at the key provisions in Kenya’s proposed Energy Bill, 2015
  • Kenya’s Energy Sector: 2015 Highlights
  • The Business Registration Service Act: An attempt to make Kenya an investor’s dream
  • Landlords, beware: The new Residential Rental Income Tax provisions in the Finance Act, 2015
  • Lighting the way: A look at Kenya’s growing renewable energy sector
  • Step lightly: Matters to consider during M&A deals in Kenya
  • “Money” matters: Award of instruction fees to in-house counsel
  • CEOs code of conduct:  the CMA’s new Corporate Governance Code
  • The other side of the coin: Bitcoin’s short stint in Kenya
  • Defining boundaries: A closer look at the Code of Corporate Governance Practices for Issuers of Securities to the Public, 2015
  • On the development agenda: The US Electrify Africa Act, 2015
  • Full of activity: A review of developments in Kenya’s Energy Sector (Q1-2016)
  • The “big” deal about the Mining Bill: Key highlights
  • Delving deeper: a closer look at local content in Kenya’s growing mining sector
  • Building a strong “national” foundation: Local content in Kenya’s construction industry
  • “Bidding” system changes ahead – the new Public Procurement and Disposal Act, 2015
  • Brand new: Kenya’s newly enacted Mining Act
  • “More power” to investors: Kenya’s promising renewable energy market
  • Tightening the reins: Fighting financial crimes in the Kenyan capital markets
  • Karibu Kenya (Welcome to Kenya)! Repeal of the 30% local shareholding requirement for foreign companies in the Companies Act, 2015
  • The new ratification requirements for natural resources transactions (The Natural Resources (Classes of Transactions Subject to Ratification) Act, 2016)
  • On the way: A look at Kenya’s new Road Annuity Programme
  • A “right” to light: a look at the key provisions in Kenya’s proposed Energy Bill, 2015

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