Oraro & Co. for the Ozone Run

About The Run

About the run

At Oraro & Company Advocates, we believe in taking concrete steps towards environmental sustainability. In line with the global call to action for World Environment Day 2023, with the theme of #BeatPlasticPollution, we are thrilled to present the second edition of our flagship event, ‘Oraro & Co. for the Ozone Run.’


Plastic pollution has emerged as one of the gravest environmental challenges of our time. To help combat this menace and restore the health of our ecosystems, we have dedicated this year’s run to the urgent cause of beating plastic pollution.


By inviting various stakeholders to participate in the #OCOfortheOzoneRun23, we are creating a platform for others to join hands with us in the global movement to reduce plastic waste and protect our precious environment. Through this event, we aim to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of plastic pollution and inspire positive change.


Why Address Plastic Pollution?


  • Plastic pollution and ecosystems: Plastic waste poses a severe threat to ecosystems worldwide. It contaminates water bodies, harms marine life, disrupts the food chain, and damages terrestrial habitats.
  • Plastic’s impact on climate change: Plastic production and disposal processes contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and exacerbate climate change.
  • Integrated approach to restoration: Ecosystem restoration encompasses various aspects, including waste management, conservation, and sustainable practices.
  • Public awareness and education: Plastic reduction is a pressing global concern, and our event serves as one of the many avenues available to provide an ideal platform to educate and raise awareness among participants and the wider community.
  • Collaborative efforts: Focusing on plastic reduction allows us to collaborate with relevant organizations and stakeholders working towards the same goal. 


By aligning the OCO Run with the World Environment Day theme of ecosystem restoration through plastic reduction, we leverage the global momentum and recognition associated with the theme. It positions our event as a meaningful contribution to the larger environmental movement and helps drive home the importance of ecosystem restoration for a sustainable future.


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