Important Notice: Disruption of Services at the Land Registries

Important Notice: Disruption of Services at the Land Registries


The Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning has issued a Public Notice dated 22nd July, 2016 informing members of the public, that the Ministry is in the process of digitising land records, in thirteen (13) Land Registries nationwide.  Through this process, the Ministry hopes that it will improve in its service delivery, by provision of electronic services.


Take note that the digitisation programme will significantly disrupt most services at the said registries including: registration of transfers and charges  for two (2) months, with effect from Monday 25th July, 2016 to Monday 26th September, 2016.


The Ministry has confirmed that during the stated period, documents may be lodged for registration to avoid expiry of clearances and online searches may still be conducted, through the e-citizen portal. However, we would advise clients to ensure that they obtain official physical searches, despite the migration to the digital platform, for some searches. Do note that registration will not be concluded during the stated period.


More updates will follow if there are further developments.