New Changes Introduced by the Tax Laws (Amendment) Act, 2020

Kenya’s economy is currently sailing through uncharted waters, forcing the government to come up with tax amendments aimed at alleviating the tax burden on Kenyans and boosting liquidity amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Parliament has

Amidst controversy and recriminations across board, the Finance Bill, 2018 (the Bill), was eventually passed on a special sitting of the National Assembly on 20th September, 2018 and the President assented to it on the 21st September,

Capital Gains Tax(CGT) was re-introduced in Kenya effective 1 January 2015 , consequently, any gain on transfer of property, including shares, is now subject to CGT at the rate of 5%. However, its re-introduction has adversely affected some key sectors in the

The Finance Act has also given rise to major changes in the taxation regime which mirror the developments in the country’s economy and reflect the Government’s intention of ensuring such development is supported by a sufficient tax regulatory

Groundbreaking in many ways the Finance Act, 2015 (the Act) has had an impact on several sectors of the Kenyan economy. For instance, the statute has introduced a new tax known as “residential rental income tax” by inserting a new

Kenya has seen tremendous growth in both foreign and domestic investments, which has in turn resulted in an increase in tax revenue contributions to the national kitty. However, both the government and private sector have faced

Kenya has “officially” waged war against tax avoidance and evasion schemes, as mirrored by the recent enactment of the Tax Procedures Act of 2015. The war has now been advanced to international levels, whereby Kenya signed the

Withholding VAT was introduced by the VAT Act, 2013. It allowed the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to appoint certain suppliers as Withholding VAT agents for purposes of collecting and remitting VAT in advance from suppliers of taxable

Assented into law on 13th September 2016, the Finance Act, 2016 (the Act) is expected to advance the theme for this year’s budget, “Consolidating gains for a prosperous Kenya.” The amendments to tax legislation such as the Excise Duty Act, 2015

By Walter Amoko | Lena Onchwari