Kenya-Mauritius Double Tax Avoidance Treaty

Kenya, as is the case with other countries, has entered into a number of Double Tax Avoidance Treaties (DTAs) with an aim of avoiding or mitigating double taxation of persons (both legal and natural) residing in the contracting states but more importantly as a way of encouraging Foreign

Amidst controversy and recriminations across board, the Finance Bill, 2018 (the Bill), was eventually passed on a special sitting of the National Assembly on 20th September, 2018 and the President assented to it on the 21st September,

By Walter Amoko | Lena Onchwari

By Walter Amoko | Cindy Oraro

By Walter Amoko | Cindy Oraro

By Walter Amoko | Georgina Ogalo-Omondi

The construction industry in Kenya is regulated by the National Construction Authority Act (No. 14 of 2011) (the Act). Though the Act does not expressly make reference to the term “local content” it does have provisions that provide for

By Walter Amoko

In common Kenyan speak, the word “digital” is used humorously to mean a state of being modern and technologically apt.The phrase is further testament to the current pervasiveness of ICT technologies in Kenya; Kenyans have

Apparently defying expectations of the experts (i.e. the banking industry, economists, the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) and the Treasury) all of whom poured scorn on the proposed intervention while acknowledging there was a problem that