Gazettement of Additional Parcels of Land for Conversion from Old Land Registration Numbers to New Parcel Number

Further to our Legal Alert issued on 13th January 2021, we wish to inform you that the Cabinet Secretary for Lands and Physical Planning, Hon. Farida Karoney, has issued another Notice (Gazette Notice No.1706 of 2021) published in a Special Issue of the Kenya Gazette on 23rd February 2021, notifying the public of additional parcels of land which are due for conversion from old land registration numbers to new parcel numbers.

A person aggrieved with the contents of the Notice has a period of ninety (90) days from 23rd February 2021, to raise any issues or complaints with the Registrar. Additionally, from 28th May 2021, all transactions and dealings with the outlined parcels of land shall be carried out under the new registers.

From the foregoing, we advise the proprietors of the listed parcels to fully comply with the Notice. Where third parties are involved, the concerned owners should promptly liaise with them, to facilitate the seamless replacement of the titles.

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This alert is for informational purposes only and should not be taken to be or construed as a legal opinion. If you have any queries or need clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact Pamella Ager (, and James Kituku ( or your usual contact at our firm.